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About Independent Cowgirl:

Independent Cowgirl is based in Napa, CA. 

It's clothes with a mission to build a community of strong, determined, badass independent women. Boots and camo not required. Just an appreciation for all things country, western, and outdoors, and support for other women. 



About me: 

Independent Cowgirl is essentially a one-woman show. The company is owned and operated by yours truly. I'm a mom, wife, career woman, and lover of all things country. I have a full time career working outside the home and I strive to be the best Independent Cowgirl boss lady I can be when I'm not working and/or mommy'ing.

I grew up in a small town in beautiful Mendocino County, CA. As a kid, I had the privilege of traveling to my late uncle's ranch in Idaho during the summers. This is where I learned to ride horses, had my first real cookout, and braved rafting the Salmon River. Eventually, my parents bought their own mini-ranch and took on a few rescue horses. But, they've since sold the property. 

After high school I left for college and ultimately earned my doctorate. Subsequently, I found myself working in a highly mentally stimulating, but not always highly fulfilling job. I wanted to bring some fun and artistic creativity into my world and pay homage to my small town roots. This is how Independent Cowgirl was born!

I learn more about business, clothing design, customer relations, social media, marketing, shipping, and website design every day. Yet, I still have so much left to learn and grow from. I'm not striving for perfect. I prefer perfect imperfection, a sense of community, and making clothes that feel good!

Thank you so much for stopping by my tiny corner of the internet. Stay amazing, cowgirl!